Gender Equity

The largest movement for gender equity across the Americas.


Our gender equity program aims to create a more favorable environment for and within organizations, leaders and actors working to advance the gender justice agenda across the Americas. Gender inequality has a greater effect on women, girls and people of gender dissidence. Because of its multiplier effect, if solved it can positively extend the impact to their families and communities, further advancing our collective social and economic development.


Women’s and girls’ organizations are carrying out essential work to guarantee their rights and opportunities, but they need more funds, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.

– Only 23% of international funding towards human rights is allocated towards women and girls.
– Of that, only 12% reaches gender equity causes in Latin America and the Caribbean.
– Gender inequity prevents women and girls from fair access to education, health, employment, political participation and other human rights.

Value Proposition

Since 2016, we’ve been activating our network to ensure we’re tackling the comprehensive range of issues surrounding gender inequality, both at a macro level and within every community in the US, Latam and the Caribbean. The pillars of our gender equity program are: capacity building, research through a gender lens, violence prevention, and training, and advocacy within philanthropy.

Targeted Funding: We provide long-term flexible funding for organizations working on local gender equity initiatives.
Synergies: We identify and facilitate connections between ally organizations focusing on similar issues.
Discourse: Building new narratives of hope through thorough investigations, research and campaigns that promote a more inclusive dialogue surrounding women’s rights.
Visibility: Through our research and partnerships, we’re able to provide visibility into the gender equity priorities for funders in philanthropy.


Since 2016, our gender equity program has addressed a wide range of issues including women’s labor rights, sexual and reproductive rights, violence against women, and more.


in contributions towards gender equality causes


foundations and corporations involved


3,000+ individual donors across 14 countries


178 campaigns that positively impact the lives of women and girls

Program Highlights