Build, fund, and fuel Latinx power with us.

Our future depends on the wellbeing of Latinxs. Yet, they’re still underfunded, undersupported, and underrepresented. Let’s change that together.

Our Impact

We believe that every Latinx deserves the opportunity to live a just and prosperous life.

That’s why we have built the largest global network of philanthropists, funders, charities, impact investors, and movement leaders to support, fund, and materialize our vision of change for Latinxs globally.


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Our Grantees

We’re helping our communities transform obstacles into opportunities.

We fund, scale, and support Latinx-serving nonprofits focusing on the most pressing issues impacting the global Latinx community, including: racial equity, leadership, migration and forced displacement, power building & justice, entrepreneurship, and gender equity.

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Our Programs

We’re building a self-sustaining future.

Latinxs around the world hold resilience, power and creativity. Our programs capitalize on these to help our communities thrive and achieve sustainable prosperity.

Our Funders

We’re growing and mobilizing resources into Latinx Philanthropy.

Approximately, 1% of philanthropic support reaches the Latinx community in the US and Latin America. While our communities have grown exponentially, this ratio has not budged in decades. Track Latinx giving in the U.S. on We’re on a mission to change that status quo in philanthropy and these are the funders who are helping us make it happen.

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Whether you’re an individual, an organization, a philanthropist, or a Latinx amigx, we hope you see your vision in our vision—and want to join us in making it a reality.