Keeping the Promise: Evolving Nonprofit strategies in the U.S. Southwest Help Latino Men and Boys to Harness Potential

In recognizing society’s responsibility to assure a creative and capable leadership of the future and an unparalleled workforce to carry us forward, U.S. nonprofit funders and organizations have focused on reaching out to help underserved young men and boys so they may rise to the challenge. Latino men and boys comprise close to nine percent of the total United States population. They represent not only the fastest growing demographic group in the U.S., but also the youngest.

Hispanics in Philanthropy established a Focused Initiative on Latino Men and Boys three years ago and has promoted their inclusion in the overall Men and Boys of Color movement, as well as the tailoring of programs to suit their specific needs and aspirations in culturally empowering ways. This report builds on those ongoing efforts, offers specific applied practices, and case studies to showcase some of the most effective strategies and promising practices to reach more Latino Men and Boys and equip them for the future.