HIP Líderes Fellowship

A leadership program for mid-career Latinxs working in philanthropy and nonprofits.


The Líderes fellowship cultivates a diverse group of mid-career Latinxs in philanthropy and nonprofits to promote systemic change through racial healing in a safe environment that supports their ability to advance equity in the field while strengthening their professional development and fostering new relationships.


More than ever, it is critical that Latinxs have a seat at the table at the institutions whose policies, funding, and direct services will impact the Latinx community in the decades to come. Yet, only a handful of senior executives within the Philanthropy sector are Latinx.

Through the program, Líderes gain increased awareness about their role in transforming the social sector and next steps they can put into action right away. The program helps Líderes:

– Increase their agency towards achieving personal goals and promoting equity within the sector.
– Learn how to apply a micro-to-macro analysis of how to navigate and promote change within various systems.
– Gain a network of deep, meaningful peer relationships nationally that foster alliance building and professional growth.
– Develop their ability to take care of their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Value Proposition

The HIP Líderes Fellowship looks to develop a new kind of Latinx leader with the moral imperative to address inequities. A new Latinx Líder must be an advocate for the Latinx community and must be able to take action to make the philanthropic sector more equitable. HIP Líderes break down barriers and challenge the status quo while building a community of peers in which they can trust and develop meaningful long-lasting relationships.

The program promotes reflective practices through a social justice and racial equity lens, contributes to dismantling systems of oppression, and works towards the creation of a philanthropic sector that truly represents the communities it serves.

Extending beyond the program, HIP Líderes gain access to a robust and unique community within the Latinx philanthropic space. Visit our FAQ for more info.


The Fellows over the past 6 years represent diverse Líderes—including Indigenous, Afro, Asian, women, and LGBTQI Latinxs—who have the courage to work in the complexity of the intersections in which we all live, including race, class, education, gender identity, and more.


grant-making institutions and non-profits represented.


locations (US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico).


líderes fellowship alumni in our network.

Meet our Líderes from Cohort 7

Application Timeline

Nov 2021

Application Launches

Nov – Dec 2021

Fellowship Information Webinars

Jan 2022

Due date

Feb 2022


Please fill out this Interest Form to be notified about webinars and other Fellowship related updates.

Fellowship Schedule

May 2023

Applicants Notified of Status

June 2023

Public Announcement – at HIP’s Annual Leadership Conference

July 2023

Formalize Participation

Aug – Sept 2023

Welcome Orientations

Sept or Oct 2023

In-Person Opening Retreat

Nov 2023 – Apr 2024

Community of Practice & Coaching

May 2024

Closing Retreat


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